In the press!

I loved making this hexietile quilt for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap last year and it seemed lots of other people loved it too when I posted in on Instagram and now, it’s been shared in a magazine!

I was super excited to see it in this months edition of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine (even if I wasn’t credited for the photo!). That’s me on the left and Aromrak Luangrath‘s gorgeous mermaid version on the right.

To have a go at your own version of this quilt, check out Julie Hirt’s free hexietile paper piecing pattern. If you share on social media, I’d love to see!

Mini Raspberry Kiss

I’ve been seeing the Raspberry Kiss and Mini Raspberry Kiss blocks all over the internet for a long while and finally got myself together to have a go. I raided my scrap bins and was please with the results!

Mini Raspbery Kiss WIP

I used mainly Cotton and Steel basics, with a few precious bits of Anna Maria Horner and some Alison Glass with Kona Silver (I think – I’ve lost my colour card!) as the background.

Mini Raspberry Kiss Top

I’m happy with the outcome, now need to find the time to turn it into something, another cushion, perhaps, a wall hanging? I’m not sure, what do you think?

Pattern: Mini Raspberry Kiss by Michael Ann Made (Original Raspberry Kiss by Rachel of Wooden Spoon Quilts)
Size: 13.5″x 13.5″
Pieced by: Me
Fabric: Cotton & Steel basics, Anna Maria Horner, Alison Glass, Kona Silver
Lives: On my WIPs pile until I can make it into something!

Constellations Star Quilt

Apparently I have a thing for Lizzy House and her fabrics! As I made a cat quilt with her Catnap Line, it seemed only right to make a star quilt with her Constellations line!

I finished this quilt last year, after starting it the year before, so it seems only right to blog it a year later?!

Monster approves!

Monster approves!



The all over quilting in a triangle design took forever but I’m so happy with it, my favourite part is the rounded corners, I’ll definitely be doing more of that in the future. The quilt now lives on our bed and is loved by all of us!

Quilt: Constellations Star Quilt
Size: 75″ x 89″
Pieced and Quilted by: Me
Fabric: Lizzy House, Constellations & Lizzy House, Pearl Bracelets in Aqua
Lives: In my house on my bed!

Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap – Round #4

This year has been filled with craziness, trips, international moves, lots of uncertainty. When I heard that the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap – Round #4 was happening, there was one thing I was certain of…. I was taking part! I had decided early in the year I wasn’t going to sign up for any swaps for a while, but when round 4 of this swap was announced, I knew I couldn’t miss it. Things were just settling back down and I had my sewing machine back so I was in!

Sydney Rose Designs Schnitzel and Boo Round 4 4

My partner is an amazing quilter so I was more than a little intimidated when I got her info. I had seen the Hexie Tile Pattern by Julie Hirt on Pinterest a while ago and this was the perfect time to use it. Her brief was: rainbow colours and geometric designs (it was like making for myself!).

Sydney Rose Designs Schnitzel and Boo Round 4 3

I cut into some of my favourite pieces for this, mainly Alison Glass, Lizzy House and Cotton and Steel. I even used a piece of fabric dyed by yours truly! I’m always trying to improve my precision in piecing. Its usually easier with paper pieced patterns like this but I still pulled out the seam ripper a few times to get everything as perfectly lined up as I could!

Sydney Rose Designs Schnitzel and Boo Round 4 2

I started off with a more or less square design but once the blocks started to take shape, I realised I wanted something a bit different. I am always in awe of people who do something out of the ordinary, so this time, I decided to join them. An I’m SO glad I did! The binding was a little tricky but I did it and I am so pleased with how the whole thing turned out!

Sydney Rose Designs Schnitzel and Boo Round 4 1

Sydney Rose Designs S&B Final

What do you think? Do you like ‘funny’ shaped quilts? Are you taking part in the swap? My partner hasn’t received it yet, I’ll update here when she has! Fingers crossed she likes it, going by all the amazing love it’s been getting on Instagram I think she might, if not, I’ll have it back 😉

Getting “back to normal”

Things have been crazy recently. I’ve been running round the country visiting all the people I haven’t had chance to see much over the last few years and on my travels, yearning to get back into a routine. Not so easy when life has been turned on it’s head!

After seven years living abroad, coming home seems as far from ‘normal’ as possible. Last time I lived here, I was single, I lived in a flat in the middle of Bristol, worked as a temp for the NHS and made jewellery in my spare time. Now, seven years later, I’m married, living with my in-laws, in an area I don’t know at all, working from home (for a Canadian company, go figure!) and trying to get my textiles business going. Getting “back to normal” isn’t really an option! So, getting in to some kind of routine will have to do!

This week as felt like the most ‘normal’ since I’ve been back and I’ve been loving it! I’ve been working on a large commission for a lovely Canadian company but managed to find some time to make something for myself too. Thanks to the Timehop app on my phone, I saw that I made my ‘Have it all’ wallet two years ago, it’s a bit of a beast and too big to fit in my new-ish small handbag so I decided it was time to make a new one.

Using some of the techniques I learned when making my last wallet and taking into consideration all of the things I didn’t love about it, I made this!


Essex yarn dyed linen with some Alison Glass sun print, obviously there had to be some flying geese in there!



It has a whole bunch of pockets: zipper, open, card, the layers were a little tough for my machine to sew through, but by increasing the load on the needle it was fine.


I’m considering making some simplified ones for the shop and/or making a pattern for this one… what do you look for in a wallet? Would you be interested in a pattern of this one? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!