Sh** Just Got Real

When trying to think of what to make for my super cool Swedish friends’ wedding last Autumn, I was stuck. I didn’t have a lot of money and my sewing machine was still half way across the Atlantic so I decided a framed cross stitch would work. However, the lack of appropriate ‘super cool’ cross stitch patterns was ridiculous! I know, ‘super cool’ and ‘cross-stitch’ don’t seem to go together but I don’t see why not?! I scoured the internet for hours trying to find something that would remotely suit them and I couldn’t find anything. Nothing. Not a thing.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and design my own!

I started by designing what I wanted in photoshop (one of these days I will have to get illustrator but photo shop is all I have for now!) and then I painstakingly drew the whole pattern out in pencil onto graph paper…. it took forever!

Cross-stitch designing, the old fashioned way!

Cross-stitch designing, the old fashioned way!

Cross-stitch designing, the old fashioned way!

Cross-stitch designing, the old fashioned way!

Once the giant version was complete, I reduced it down – by hand, yes, I know there were probably a million more economical ways to do this but sometimes I’m stubborn!


I decided that just type on a plain background needed some colour so mixed up some water colour paint with some fabric medium, painted my evenweave and then got stitching!



The gift was late…. by 6 months! Oops! But was gratefully received by the newlyweds and gave me the idea for Stitchsperation!



Another ‘better late than never’ post was this cross stitch I made for the wedding of my dear friends Emily and Tom. The pattern was from Cross Stitcher magazine and is another one by Emma Congdon. I decided to change the colour scheme from the reds and pinks to the colours of Emily and Tom’s wedding (and bedroom) yellow and grey which for me, really freshened it up and made it look more modern. I’m so pleased with the way it turned out and they did too!


In true Sydney Rose 2015 style I didn’t get a good picture of the finished, framed article, but think this shows it pretty well.

Pattern By: Emma Congdon @ Cross Stitcher Magazine
Stitched by: Me
Threads: DMC
Lives: Emily & Toms House

Wedding Gifts

My favourite evening past time whilst watching TV is cross stitch. Yes, call me an old lady, but y’know what? I don’t care! I love it! I’m not a fan of the old fashioned chintzy stuff, although everything has it’s place! I prefer searching out more modern designs to stitch and sometimes, design my own.

I get most of my patterns from Etsy or in Cross Stitcher magazine, to me, they have the best selection of modern cross stitch patterns of the countless magazines out there.

I have been to four weddings this year and have made all the gifts (although one is still in progress). I prefer to make something personal for the couple rather than buying them a random set of glasses from John Lewis. Sorry, if you hate gifters like me! One of my most recent stitchy finishes was a wedding gift for a lovely couple whose wedding we went to in Devon last month. Now they have received it I can share it with you! Yay!

Sydney Rose Designs Always Forever 1

I found the pattern on Etsy from Emma Congdon, whose store is called Stitchrovia. She does some great patterns, I’ve already got a few more waiting to be stitched up. It’s far too easy to buy patterns when you get an immediate digital download! If you search out this pattern you’ll notice that I’ve changed it a bit form her original design, changed the colours and left out some of the design, I do this a lot…. always have to be a bit different!

Sydney Rose Designs Always Forever 2

I couldn’t find a frame of a suitable size so I bought this huge one from ikea and sewed the evenweave into a circle of fabric to give it a little extra oomph in such a large space. I think it worked! I’ll definitely try this way again.

Sydney Rose Designs Always Forever 3

Where do you buy your patterns? How do you frame them? Are you good and get them done professionally or are you like me and work out a cheaper way to do it (without compromising style, of course!) Please share! I love finding new places and hearing how other people do things!

In the shop!

Just a quick one to let you know, I whipped up some adorable coin purses this weekend and they’re in the shop!

Bright Zipper Coin Purses

A few have already sold, so head over here to see them!