In the shop!

Just a quick one to let you know, I whipped up some adorable coin purses this weekend and they’re in the shop!

Bright Zipper Coin Purses

A few have already sold, so head over here to see them!

Getting “back to normal”

Things have been crazy recently. I’ve been running round the country visiting all the people I haven’t had chance to see much over the last few years and on my travels, yearning to get back into a routine. Not so easy when life has been turned on it’s head!

After seven years living abroad, coming home seems as far from ‘normal’ as possible. Last time I lived here, I was single, I lived in a flat in the middle of Bristol, worked as a temp for the NHS and made jewellery in my spare time. Now, seven years later, I’m married, living with my in-laws, in an area I don’t know at all, working from home (for a Canadian company, go figure!) and trying to get my textiles business going. Getting “back to normal” isn’t really an option! So, getting in to some kind of routine will have to do!

This week as felt like the most ‘normal’ since I’ve been back and I’ve been loving it! I’ve been working on a large commission for a lovely Canadian company but managed to find some time to make something for myself too. Thanks to the Timehop app on my phone, I saw that I made my ‘Have it all’ wallet two years ago, it’s a bit of a beast and too big to fit in my new-ish small handbag so I decided it was time to make a new one.

Using some of the techniques I learned when making my last wallet and taking into consideration all of the things I didn’t love about it, I made this!


Essex yarn dyed linen with some Alison Glass sun print, obviously there had to be some flying geese in there!



It has a whole bunch of pockets: zipper, open, card, the layers were a little tough for my machine to sew through, but by increasing the load on the needle it was fine.


I’m considering making some simplified ones for the shop and/or making a pattern for this one… what do you look for in a wallet? Would you be interested in a pattern of this one? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

All Change!

Hello stranger! It’s been a while, but I have a very legitimate excuse! The last month (and a bit) has been a complete whirlwind. Not long after returning from the UK and Iceland for my brothers wedding (more on that another time) we discovered it was time for us to return to the UK for good. So everything, that wasn’t sold, was packed up and shipped out (including all the lovely shop items I had made) and put in a container which is still winging it’s way to the UK. We are already here and starting to adjust to life on the other side of the ‘pond’.

We said goodbye to the beautiful ‘house that we built’ and our beloved lake and Canadian friends to return to friends and family in England, the south west to be more precise.

The house that we built 💛 #house #home #canada #cottage #myhaliburtonhighlands #loghome

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I managed to bring my beloved Singer Featherweight with me and have continued with a commission but now that is done I am dying to get my hands on my fabric stash to make more! I feel like I go crazy if I have too long between makes/crafty projects!

Settling back into life in the UK has been interesting, a definite culture shock after the space in Canada, don’t even get me started on driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road! I’m already on the search for good online (and bricks and mortar) fabric shops in the South West. I would love any suggestions if you have them?

I can’t guarantee how regularly I will be posting, right now is all about finding jobs and getting life started up again, but I really hope I can stick around on here! As soon as our container with all our stuff arrives, the online store will be open for business again and I hope by then it will have more in it!

Open for business!

Super excited to announce that the store is finally open for business! It’s only small right now, but slow and steady win the race, right?!

shopStore Open 1

Just click on the shop link in the header to be whisked over there and look at the pretties on sale right now!

What do you think? Is there anything you would like to see in there? I’d love your feedback!

To infinity…!

I’m not a dressmaker. I have tried so many times to make clothes from patterns but I always get bored before the end or don’t trust my skills/measuring ability and end up with something that doesn’t fit quite right and I never wear.

This looked like a sack on me but luckily now lives with and looks amazing on my amazing, rockstar sister in law.

This looked like a sack on me but luckily now lives with and looks amazing on my amazing, rockstar sister in law.

For my wedding, my lovely friend Gemma at Beau Biens made my bridesmaids infinity dresses. If you haven’t come across these before, you are missing out! They also happen to be a style of dress that even I can make and wear and LOVE!

You can't see the full dresses but I couldn't resist sharing this photo!

You can’t see the full dresses but I couldn’t resist sharing this photo!

After making my duct tape mannequin a few months ago, I knew that trying an infinity dress was on my to do list. Partly because I had a wedding to go to and nothing to wear (don’t we all when wedding season comes around?!).

Duct Tape Mannequin

I had some random knit ends I found in the clearance bin at Fabricland, not enough to make a full dress out of one colour but luckily (I have no idea how this happened) I had two pieces of gorgeous burnt orange knit that worked perfectly together. After a few texts to Gemma, I had the scissors and serger out and was making my first infinity dress! It turned out wonderfully (apart from a slightly saggy bum) and I wore it to my first wedding of 2015.

Yes, that's me, propping up the bar again!

Yes, that’s me, propping up the bar again!

The fantastic thing about these dresses is that they suit EVERYBODY, any shape size, and they are super simple to make, even more so if you have a serger/overlocker. You can tie them in an ‘infinite’ number of ways (see what they did there?!) so you can have one of these and wear it to all the functions and look like you have a different dress each time! Genius!

This is just the beginning of my infinity dress love affair. Do you have one? Did you make it? I really want to get into the hashtag #memademay next year, do you have any super easy wearable makes you could share with me? I have a year to prepare!