The #GreatBritishQuilter Instagram Challenge is back!

For one week only (well, for now 😉 ), Sarah Ashford Studio and I have teamed up with awesome modern fabric shop Olive and Flo Handcraft to bring you EPP week! (That’s english paper piecing, if you weren’t sure).

A week of tips and tricks, beautiful fabric, lots of useful information and ending in a big giveaway! Sound good? It’s going to be great!

Here are your daily prompts so you have a few days to get ready, we start on Monday 15th January!

GreatBritishQuilter EPP instagram Challenge Schedule Jan 2018

You can download the prompt sheet here


The #GreatBritishQuilter Instagram Challenge

Are you a quilter? Are you in the UK and/or appreciate all things British and quilting related? Then you’re in the right place! If you’re on Instagram, you need to join in the #GreatBritishQuilter Instagram Challenge run by Sarah Ashford Studio and I for the whole of September! If you’re not on Instagram… hurry up and join to get in on the fun!

The #GreatBritishQuilter is a month long instagram challenge to celebrate all things British and quilty. Each day of the challenge, post a photo relating to the prompt including the hashtag #GreatBritishQuilter and then go and find new quilty friends! Feel free to dip in and out if you don’t want to do every day, it’s supposed to be fun! We’ll be having weekly giveaways from some of our favourite British quilters, designers and fabric stores. We really hope you’ll join us and make some new quilty friends along the way.

You can download an A4 printable PDF of the prompts here to help you plan your month in advance!

Are you planning on joining in? Make sure you say hello!

Neon pink and natural fabric pouch Accessories

New Plans

I’ve been slowly, very slowly working on some new things recently, if you follow me over on social media then you will have seen some sneak peeks. I’m up to my eyeballs with everything at the moment. When did running 2 businesses plus freelance working plus trying to have a life get so time consuming? OK, I lie, I don’t have a life, or much of one!

Neon pink and natural fabric pouch

I just wanted to say, hello! And new things are coming…. I promise!
P.S. The pink on this is even more neon in the flesh! <3

Chic Country Quilt Yellow Sofa Quilts

Rainbow Chic Country Quilt

I’m sat here at my parent’s house in the beautiful Netherlands with this quilt right next to me and I realised I haven’t told you about it!

Chic Country Quilt Yellow Sofa

I made it last year for my Mum’s 70th birthday, as I mentioned before I seem to like making quilts for big family events! I started with plenty of time to go but then a few weeks before mum’s birthday I was driven into by a car when crossing the road, luckily I wasn’t badly hurt but managed to damage the tendons in my shoulder which made everything, particularly quilting this beast, a LOT harder!

Chic Country rainbow Quilt Progress

But I managed it and she loved it! She particularly loved the backing and binding which my brother (the graphic designer) created and we had printed by the lovely guys over at Woven Monkey.

I particularly liked the rounded corners, this is becoming a favourite feature in my quilts!

Rather than chat lots about it, I’ll just show you! We were lucky enough to spend a few nights for Mum’s birthday at the incredible Burgh Island Hotel in Devon, it’s the most awesome art deco hotel. This was the perfect excuse for a photo shoot!

Rainbow Chic Country Quilt Burgh Island  Hotel

Quilt: Rainbow Chic Country Quilt pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful
Size: 72″ x 72″
Pieced and Quilted by: Me
Fabric: Kona solids and various low volume prints
Lives: In the Netherlands on the lovely yellow sofa with my parents!